Winter Reminders

The snow is back and it’s looking like it will continue to snow for a couple days, so here's some reminders that will make winter a little easier.

Posted: Nov 27, 2018 5:57 PM

The heavy snow brought down tree limbs and thousands of Central New Yorkers woke up to power outages. If you do have a power outage, know what you want before you open up that refrigerator door. It will keep your food lasting longer, especially if you’re going to have extended power outages.

Clearing the driveway is another task many of us have to do, and when the snow is wet and heavy, Dave Abounader says it can become a problem. "Go slow. Don’t take too much. Make sure you got the machine off if you’re going near the chute, because you’ll get sucked right down into the auger and lose your limb."

If you’re not lucky enough to have a snow blower, Harold Postal gives us some shoveling advice. "You’re not putting no strength to your back. You’re putting your strength to your legs. Your legs do the work and your back relaxes, without having a back injury, possibly getting a heart attack, or stroke. This is how I’ve been doing it for years. You see. Little by little you pick it up."

The City of Utica plow drivers have been working around the clock to keep the roads clean, but the sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owners. Jahdereak Watson tells us why he’d rather walk in the streets than on the sidewalks. "See em’? They slippery every year. Nobody take care of em’. We be walking, slipping, nobody want to slip. The road is more clear than the sidewalk."

If you’re going to be driving on the street, you’re going to want to avoid hitting pedestrians or crashing into anything, and Tallman’s Tires Area Manager Christopher Myers tells us the best way to do that is to drive slower, and have the best connection with the road.

"It’s making sure that when you hit the brakes, the car stops, and being able to displace that snow, being able to displace that sleet, getting the rubber on the road is what allows you to have braking, and most importantly steering."

These are just a few reminders that should help get you through the winter. Good luck!

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