Joleen Ferris

Joleen Ferris is a reporter for NEWSChannel 2 and has been with WKTV for nearly 20 years.

Title: Reporter

Joleen Ferris is a reporter for NEWSChannel 2 and has been with WKTV for nearly 20 years.

Joleen was born and raised in Utica, New York. She attended school in Utica from her first day of kindergarten through her senior year of college.

She holds a bachelors degree in journalism from Utica College. She minored in writing and also took a large concentration of courses involving crime and criminology -- two of her interests.

Joleen began her career as a copywriter/continuity director at Rock 107/WTLB in Washington Mills, New York. She began her television journalism career at NewsChannel 2 in November 1993.

Joleen is also an adjunct professor of journalism at Utica College.

Recent Posts by Joleen Ferris

Michael Walsh Apartments elevator problems persist

The Utica Fire Department was stood up outside Michael Walsh Apartments Wednesday morning.

Young volunteers save Marcy family from burning home

While a Marcy couple and a visiting friend slept beneath a raging fire that had not yet revealed itself inside the home, four young volunteer firefighters out for a midnight snack were in the neighborhood and smelled smoke.

Community advocates plead for cease-fire amidst rash of gun violence

The community advocates who filled Utica's Empowerment Center, on James Street, Friday afternoon, don't claim to have all the answers as to how to stem the recent tide of deadly gun violence in the city.

Mother of homicide victim makes emotional plea for information

Jacqueline Rodgers, of Utica, is living every parent's worst nightmare: the loss of her son, who was shot to death on Miller Street, in Utica, November 22nd.

Tear-filled testimony fuels bail reform battle

New Yorkers spoke from broken hearts in Albany Wednesday, pleading with the state legislature to change the bail reform law they say is responsible for their loved ones' accused killers being freed without bail when they allegedly killed their family members.

Whitestown homicide, Utica shooting and shots fired likely connected

Police now say a homicide, shooting and shots fired incident, all in Oneida County, all within a week, are likely connected.

Downtown Utica hospital parking garage and eminent domain

Negotiations between MVHS and four unwilling-to-sell property owners in the downtown Utica hospital parking garage footprint broke down several months ago. Now, it's Oneida County's turn to negotiate.

List places Utica in top 10 of state's most dangerous cities

You've probably seen them in your social media feeds. Lists. They gauge the best restaurants, the costliest cities, the cheapest vacations, etc.. One recent list circulating on social media locally has Utica as the 9th most dangerous city in New York State

Little Falls fire survivors recall escape from burning building

Fire struck Snyder apartments, on west Main Street, in Little Falls, around 11:30 Monday night. One man, 60-year-old Timothy "Nimmer" Regan, died in the burning apartment buildling,

Bail reform guts local jail populations as Herkimer County seeks revenue options

Herkimer County's new sheriff hit the ground running. In addition to becoming the county's top cop, Sheriff Scott Scherer must oversee the completion of the new jail

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