Complaint: Utica double homicide suspect admitted to stabbing both victims, disposing bodies

The suspect in a double homicide on Tilden Avenue in Utica did not appear at his scheduled hearing Wednesday morning, but new details were released in the case.

Posted: Jan 9, 2019 5:20 PM
Updated: Jan 9, 2019 5:20 PM

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continues into next week with mostly cloudy skies and highs near 30 degrees. the double murder suspect accused of killing and dismembering his 90-year-old grandmother and their 87-year-old landlord was supposed to be in utica city court today. --but he never made it out of the oneida county correctional facility. newschannel 2's joleen ferris joins s live now in the newsroom to tell us why, and-tell us what's next. at his arraignment last night, naythen aubain proclaimed that he killed and chopped up his grandmother and landlord in the name of jesus christ. he was so combative, he had to be strapped into a restraint chair. today, that same combative behavior, with some new twists, prevented aubain from going to court at all. no fewer than eight police officers, including members of the sheriff's emergency response, or, 'sert' team, accompanied double murder suspect naythen aubain into his arraignment at the oneida county correctional facility last night. the same behavior that warranted such a security presence prevented aubain from leaving the jail for his court appearance today... 1:04 "it's challenging for us, obviously, when we have inmates who are extremely uncooperative, who will spit at anyone who gets in their way" spitting-that's why aubain is wearing a net cap. today at the jail...the sheriff says the combative behavior continued 5:50 "his refusal to use his bathroom facilities in his cell have caused him to just be in a condition that you just wouldn't want him being out in a courtroom setting at the moment" in court today, they set a new, february 11th trial date for utica city court. that's when they hope to have the results of a psychiatric evaluation of aubain that was ordered last night at his arraignment. and when it should be known if aubain is mentally fit to stand trial for the murder of his 90-year- old grandmother and 87-year-old landlord. a felony hearing won't be scheduled until after the results of that psychiatric evaluation are received. so nothing should happen with this case until february 11th. moments after aubain crashed his car on bleecker street a viewer captured the incident on his cell phone. this is video sent to us by dom azzarito. police confirmed to us the man with his shirt off is naythen aubain. you can see he tries to get into a home in that area ....but the residents inside try to close the door to keep him out. seconds later police officers and firefighters tackle and restrain him to the ground. we're joined by former oneida county district attorney michael arcuri. we're talking about the defense in the case, they will have aubain evaluated by psychologist to determine his mental state at the time of the oneida county sheriff's department and the state are investigating an apparent
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