Police Retention Rates

There’s a national problem with recruitment and retention of police officers in smaller departments.

Posted: Jan 10, 2019 6:06 PM
Updated: Jan 10, 2019 6:06 PM

Speech to Text for Police Retention Rates

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the country are having trouble recruiting and retaining police officers, and utica is no different. newschannel 2's kirk tupaj tells us what the problems are stemming from. utica police are faced with a growing problem- recruitment and retention. utica police aren't the only ones having difficulty getting good officers to join the force, but the real challenge is keeping the officers they've already trained. utica police chief mark williams talks about some of the reasons utica is having. sot: mark williams, utica police chief we're competing against the private sector. some of them are offering jobs where you can actually work at home, plus you look at type of workenvironment that we work in, it's working holiday's, weekends, long hours. there's no guarantee you're going to get out after your scheduled shift. utica police officers are required to live within city limits. in fact, all candidates must sign a contract that clearly states: "during an employee's time of service, no such employee shall cease to be a resident of the city."if an officer willingly lives outside the city limits, they're in violation of the contract and can be terminated. it's an obstacle when it comes to keeping utica police officers, but utica council president michael galime says it's something utica residents ultimately decided on. sot: michael galime, utica council president they wanted utica residents policing utica. that was the whole idea there, and whether our community is larger than just utica is the question now ok, but that's essentially what happened. the chief tells us that the residency requirement usually doesn't start out as a problem. sot: mark williams, utica police chief a lot of these young men and women come on the job and they're single, and then once they get married and start having childre, the number one concern they hav is where m i going to send my kids to chool. they're worried about what is the make-up of the class roms. worried about the safety of the children beng that they're poli tonight at six we'l tell you thj reporting for newschannel 2. fire crews were called back
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