Three boys, including 1-year-old, killed in Herkimer fire

The fire chief has confirmed the deaths of three young boys at a house fire Friday morning in Herkimer.

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 6:11 PM
Updated: Jan 11, 2019 6:11 PM

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light snow showers look to return on wednesday with highs in the upper 20s and low 30s. dry on thursda with ghs in the 20s. chance for steele street, killing the three children inside. newschannel 2's joleen ferris is live on scene right now with the latest information....joleen? thanksdon. ch heartbak in herker tonigh don.a valianrescu fort. ither firefigers from 3 departments,or the parentsof thg inside, were any match for the ferocious flames that quickly destroyed 244 east steele streetin herker, this rning. 2:50 "they tried getting the kids, as far as we know, going back to the other side, trying to get the kids out, and there were flames coming out from all the windows" six hours after the fire began, the charred shell of the collapsed home was still smoking.several firefighters still at the scene formed a solemn line, just after noon, as the coroner walked past them with the remains of the youngest child-a one-year- old boy 31:30 "the one-year-old was basically in the room the parents told us he was in. they found him in that area" with help from k9s trained in recovery, the remains of a second child were brought out minutes later. by 3:00 this afternoon, all three boys, ages one, six and seven, had been recovered. 32:59 "it's one of those things that'll probably hit later on, when the quiet time comes" early afternoon, heavy equipment began dismantling the home. much too early to talk about a cause. firefightea ninvestigars plan tbe here along as cessary.32:34 "til wre satisfie have everything completed and we feel that everything we could possibly do will be done, and we'll be here til then. " community members and friends and family are reacting to that fatal herkimer fire. newschannel 2's brent kearney reports on what neighbors witnessed this morning on steele st. standup: fire crews are still on scene he at steelstreet. i spoke to neighbors and what they saw som forg." "i have a scanner at the house, and the scanner went off before six, and it said house fire possible children in the house." deborah fitch has lived in this area for some time, what she saw when she walked outside this morning was shocking. "so i got dressed and i'm seeing flames and i'm seeing smoke, and i went behind to the property that i own over here and the house was just in flames." by this point neighbors were in the streets shocked at what they saw, deborah went outside to try and comfort some, but was mainly concerned about the house next door to the fire. "then i saw ambers, flying ambers on the back of my sister in laws house, which i thought was on fire but it wasnt. so i asd the offer are those flames going to get to that house and the officer said no but if you wanna go check on her go ahead because e's handip so i went and checked on her." deborah watched as first responders arrived on scene "oh their was fire trucks, fire man hoses, trying toook up water to the hydrant trying to douse the fire and get ter on its soon aspossiblese will never forget. "oh no i wont forget, knowing now their was children in the house, how does that make you feel? oh terrible, because i have grandchildren and i usually go up and get them in the morning, but i couldnt today because i was trying to help everybody over here and comfort a couple of ladies because they were their grandchildren in there." a tragic morning that neighbors wont forget, brent kearney news channel 2 a go fund me page has a go fund me page has been set up for the victims of the tragic fire....
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