David Gordon calls for three county officials to be removed from office

Oneida County Executive candidate David Gordon says he wants the current county executive, current board chair and current district attorney to be removed from office.

Posted: Feb 11, 2019 6:17 PM
Updated: Feb 11, 2019 6:17 PM

Speech to Text for David Gordon calls for three county officials to be removed from office

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jail in lieu of $7,500 cash or $10,000 bond. dave runninfor oneida county executive dave gordon...who is running for oneida county executive announced this morning...he wants the current county executive removed from office. but that's not all...he also wants the oneida county board chairperson as well as the oneida county district attorney removed from office as well. news channel two'sgary leratores now with more on this. david gordon has made some accustations of what he calls abuse of power...and he believes all three county officials should be removed from office. first...dave gordon says he has proofhat currt oneida county executivebused h power relating to a personal relationship. tc : 18:09:32 "the particulars of the case will be withheld for the ingrity of the investigation... here's picente's response... "today, mr. gordon me founded d slanderous allegations that i will not dignify with a response." we here at news channel two are choosing to not share the details of the alleged relationships that rdon lked about atis press conference because they are accusations that we have have not been able to confirm. gordon also said he has proothaf legislators chairperson gerald fiorini...abused his power relating to a personal relationhipfiorini said quote... "dave gordon made allegations against seral onei county officials on monday. i will not dignify his unsubstantiated comments with a response." finally...gordon is calling for oneida county district attorney scottcnamanra tobe rem he says mcnamara should not have talked to a reporter from w-i-b-x radio this past friday about a police report filed by utica polcie officers in 2017 involving an alleged domestic incident between gordon and his fiance. that case was never prosecuted. mcnama releas the foowing stament to newchannel 2e withthe media, the plic that elects me and who i present, an impoantly the vtims and witnesses our cas; i have the rht authoritas a publly elected officiadit at d my office anexp r tions as tohy we would n fully prosecute domestic vience casethat is wh i did in thicase" sohy was thpress coerence held herat utica city hall? tc : 18:22:41 "we felt if we had it at the county office building we would've been thrown out on the street.gordon says he is gordon sayhe is woing with s torne on handing over thenformation he has to th thorities...including the new york state attorney general's office
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