Combating fentanyl overdoses

There’s a new weapon being used to help combat fentanyl overdoses.

Posted: Mar. 13, 2019 5:48 PM
Updated: Mar. 13, 2019 5:48 PM

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check-- the dow joneindustrials fished e day up 148.23 points. the nasdaq up 52.37 points. and the s&p-500 ended the day up 19.40 points. oil closed at $58.35 tells us what it is and how it's being used. it's a pretty well known fact that there's a drug crisis in the country, but add the drug fentanyl to the mix and you can end up with a lethal overdose. sot: kevin donovan, overdose prevention coordinator it's really scary right now thw people are overdosing and dying, and people are going to use drugs whether we like it or not. kevin donovan is an overdose prevention coordinator for acr health. he tells us how fentanyl is making its way into just about every kind of drug out there. sot: kevin donovan, overdose prevention coordinator fentanyl is in the drug supplyol fferent drugsight now. cocaine, methylphenidates, molly, heroin, there's pills out there designed to look like pain relievers and fake xanax that have fentanyl in them. there's even been reports of marijuana and i with fental in it. acr health obtained a $2000 grant through excellus blue cross to distribute fentanyl test strips. you simply get them through a syringe exchange program. the strips are used to determine if fentanyl is present in the drugs you're using. sot: kevin donovan, overdose prevention coordinator the residue that's left in the cooker is going to giva positivreaction w the fentanyl test strip. what you want to do is right below these red lines, dip that part into the water, and you're going to hold it there for about 15 secosif the test strip indic lines, there's likelyo fentan in the drugsthe test is around 98% accurate. so kirk tupaj if the test stripe line, there's fentanyl present. then it's up to the individual to decide the extent of their risk. sot: kevin donovan, overdose pventi coordinator and then that gives them the knowledge and the decon whetheor not there going to use or if they wanto cut dowand reduce their use to prevent an overdose. coming up tonight at six we'll
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