Utica area Muslims react to the terrorist attack in New Zealand.

News Chanel 2 spoke with area Muslims as they gathered to pray on Friday following the terrorist attack in New Zealand where 49 people were shot and killed inside two mosques.

Posted: Mar. 15, 2019 5:32 PM
Updated: Mar. 15, 2019 5:32 PM

Speech to Text for Utica area Muslims react to the terrorist attack in New Zealand.

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the world -- coping with devastating tragedy. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. here in utica, the scene was police provided a presence at mosques around the city. news channel o'sgary liberore coinues our covage. tc : 47:34 ell we e here in front of the wt bosnian islamic center where there is s police's something thats going on all across thcountry today." this is a sound you often hear emeninating from this mosque on court street in prayer service begins. friday afternoon....there was also the presence of this woman.... she didn't say much.. sign said a lot.... tc : 28:02 "this says no matter whereyou' from, we're glad you our neighbor." tc : 28:11 "i'from the interfaith coalition of greater utica, the mask with the with the congregation and we justant to make sure that they're not alone." we saw smiles and heard thanyoue headg inside fotheir prayer ser. tc : 28:22 "i've had several hugs, it's a scary time but this is a community that welcomes people and we want to make sure they know this is still true here." one member here says shewod likf security...inside... tc : 36:55 "not just our mask b ev the churchesn the temes we all should have security i really think we suld havthat because it's on safe you can't even come and pray to yourod whayou believe and you can even do that anymore i haven't somedy lookinover your shoulder because it's so dangerous." christchurch new zealand may be 9-thousand miles away...but what happened there was rt of le an earthquake on the other side of the globe. tc : 30:40 "it's a sad day, and it's a day that we can come together and remind each other that we're not alone." cross town at the west bosnian islamic center...the president here spoke with us.... tc 44:50 "e you concerned that something like that could happen here in the unitestas?i don't think so, i don't think so no no no no." tc : 45:59 "you got to pray, you got to
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