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Boonville authorities searching for culprits following days of vandalism

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Over the past four days there have been multiple incidents of vandalism at Erwin Park in Boonville.

BOONVILLE, N.Y. – Around 2:15 a.m. Saturday morning, Boonville police say a pickup truck tore up the grass above Erwin Park in Boonville.

They say another truck tore up the grass on village property behind the Stewart's gas station and store on Main Street.

Tuesday afternoon around 4 p.m., police caught two teens on camera smashing the glass on the vending machine inside Erwin Park.

Boonville Mayor Judie Dellerba tells us it's disappointing to see this kind of behavior in a small close-knit community.

"We have a basketball court the kids are on all the time," Dellerba said. "We have soccer fields, we have the splash pad... it's a great facility and to have vending machines where they can go to get a snack is a great service."

But now they don't have the vending machine service at this time and there is concern on whether or not the vending machine needs to be locked up because people can't be respectful.

As for the damage, someone will need to fix it.

Daniel Kraeger who is in charge of maintenance at the parks said it'll take about a week to fix the damage to the grass. The vending machine owner will have to repair the vending machine.

"It should about a week should do it, probably just be me and my helper will do it," Kraeger said.

But it's more than just the grass seed and the hours spent cleaning up. It's the disrespect that the mayor says is upsetting.

"What we have is based on our tax income so if your child does that, my child has to pay for it," Dellerba said. "Someone has to pay and it's the people who own property in Boonville."

The mayor has a message for parents in the case of the vandalized vending machine.

"I would like to reach out the parents and ask them to be more responsible for their kids," Dellerba said. "We are all busy. Sometimes both parents have to work. I am just asking for help. We would like to go back to the old Boonville.”

Police are asking anyone with surveillance video of the incidents to share it with police by calling 315-338-2882.

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