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New Hartford Central School District establishes 'thought exchange' forum to gather feedback

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The New Hartford School District is interested in your thoughts, so they’re launching a Thought Exchange on their website.

The New Hartford School District is launching a Thought Exchange on their website in an effort to get your ideas on how the District should move forward with a strategic plan. New Hartford School District Superintendent of Schools Cosimo Tangorra says your input will help determine programs, technology, human resources, and capital investments.

"The goal is to broadly advertise our mission and vision as well as our strategic plan so the people know what it is, and what we want to be able to do as a result of the finished project of the strategic plan is to be able to justify what we’re doing as a District."    

Once a strategic plan is in place, the idea is to stick to the plan and not deviate from it. Your comments can range on everything from school lunches, busing, or even plans on redistricting.  

"Does that mean we’re going to redistrict? Absolutely not. Does it mean we might? Maybe. It’s highly doubtful. That’s a huge undertaking that requires years of study and conversation, but it’s likely to be what we do going forward."

Your comments on the Thought Exchange are rated using one to five stars. One being a low rating, and five being the best. The study will weigh the ratings to determine the importance of an issue, so it’s not the loudest minority, but the vast majority providing the highest valued information.

"Going in and entering your comments is one part of it. We want people to go back a couple of times. Look at other people’s comments and rate them."

Based on that information the District can provide a long-term strategic plan.

"We want to create an initial five-year plan that then is annually renewed and reviewed so it kind of is perpetually 5 years out."

The Thought Exchange is scheduled to close on Sept. 30. For more information, click here.

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