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F.X. Matt Brewing Co. plans ahead to skirt CO2 shortage

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Fred Matt saw trouble brewing...

"So, there is a CO2 shortage, but we knew this was coming. It's actually been around for probably a year or so," says Matt, President of F.X. Matt Brewing Company.

The shortage is causing some breweries in the northeast to shut down operations and lay off workers. Not wanting a similar fate, FX Matt Brewing Company hopped to it.

"Last year, we put in about $400,000 worth of storage tanks, so that we could store extra CO2. Our usage is way up, but we also have a long-term partnership with our supplier

and they've told us not to worry," says Matt.

While we need oxygen to's a death sentence, for beer.

"In tanks, we put CO2 in so the oxygen can't get to the beer, because oxygen's no good for beer,' says Matt. "We call it a CO2 blanket, so when the beer's in the tank, there's head space, so you don't want the oxygen to be in there, so you put co2 in there, which pushes out the oxygen."

And so, IPA has two meanings here: India pale ale, and- I plan ahead.

"If there is some blips, we have storage and also, we're a priority customer, so we should be in good shape, so all the Saranac, Utica Club people want, it's out there," says Matt.

Woodland Farm Brewery, also in Utica, says their supplier has told them the shortage won't affect their allotment of CO2.

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