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A closer look at Hochul's public safety proposals

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In an effort to try and decrease violent gun crimes, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is proposing to spend millions of additional dollars in police programs, additional prosecutors, DNA databank analysis, and alternatives to incarceration. New York already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol says gun issues often start outside New York.

Governor Hochul is releasing some of her proposals prior to officially releasing a State Budget, and much of her focus is on violent gun crime.

"The vast majority of the weapons that are being used on the streets to commit these violent crimes and the shootings, those are guns that are coming from other states, and they’re being brought into New York State illegally."

The Governor acknowledged there are successes in combating gun crimes.

"We have a lot more guns coming into the state. So I’m glad we confiscated 10,000. We’re going to continue. Those numbers are going to increase. Again that could be 3000. It could be 5000. It is 10,000 guns, and they’re out of the hands of people who would do harm to others."  

Even with the success of confiscating illegal guns, New York lawmakers have continued passing gun laws that restrict law-abiding citizen’s access to guns.

"We also raised the age to persons to sell semi-automatic weapons to 21, so we don’t have teenagers like what happened in Buffalo be able to go out and legally buy a gun on their 18th birthday."

(R) 47th District Senator Joe Griffo agrees with some of the initiatives being proposed, but doesn't see the need to go after law-abiding citizens. 

"What she’s continuing to propose and many others are similar to what you see in California, and yet you’ve seen 2 mass shootings in California within several days with some of the toughest gun laws in the country. So obviously going after the Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens is not the best way to approach this."

But the Governor is taking other steps to address violent crime.

"We’re not defunding police. We’re really ramping up funding for police, so you know all that era is over."

In an effort to recruit more police officers, the Governor wants to hold 2 additional Police Academy’s for New York State Police. That may help the State fill their need, but the Sheriff says it hurts local police agencies.

"Because their pay is higher, their benefits are better, we will lose people every time there’s a State Police Academy, every agency surrounding us here. If they have a good police officer, they lose them to the State Police."

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