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Bail set for man who allegedly committed 3 felonies in 24 hours

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According to police, Bryan Salazar, of Texas, had a very busy Monday in Central New York.

He is facing multiple charges after being arrested and released three times in one day.

"He's first charged town of Whitestown on a burglary to a building. He's let go. That same day just a few hours later somehow ends up in the city of Oswego, steals an automobile, gets caught, gets charged with a grand larceny," says Oneida County Sheriff, Robert Maciol. "It's not one of those offenses you can hold someone for. Being from out of state, he's released again, this time in the village of Whitesboro, gets charged with another burglary, this is all on the 25th; again the judge is forced to release this person and as he's walking out of CAP court, literally walks around the corner adjacent to the sheriff's office compound and commits a burglary to a construction site building."

Police and prosecutors say, if ever a case screamed for bail to be set, it's that of Bryan Salazar. Due to bail reform guidelines, he walked away without bail, police say, only to rack up more victims.

"These buildings are owned by people. The vehicles that were stolen, they're owned by people. There are victims to these crimes and like I said, they're getting forgotten in this mess, and that's wrong," says Sheriff Maciol.

"When somebody's from a state half a country away and commits a felony offense, the court should be able to set a reasonable bail to ensure that they come back," says Oneida County District Attorney, Scott McNamara.

Ultimately, following a request and application from the District Attorney's Office, a judge did set bail at $10,000 cash/$50,000 bond. Local officials say the problem has a simple fix.

"The easiest way to simplify this is to give the judges discretion. Let's get rid of this whole setup and give the judges discretion," says D.A. McNamara.

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