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Cybersecurity summit held at Innovare Advancement Center in Rome

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Cyberattacks are now a growing threat, so some Educational and Research Institutions were advised on how to protect themselves against potential threats.

There’s a war going on, only this war is happening electronically. Cyberattacks are on the rise, so Randy Wolken, the President and CEO of MACNY spoke at a Cybersecurity Summit at Innovare in Rome. He addressed IT personnel, systems hardware specialists, and company CEO’s about how to protect themselves.

"Many industries are under assault right now from a cybersecurity threat perspective, and so you really have to protect your data. You got to protect your systems, and to protect your people."

When there is a security breech, it’s not the kind of message you want advertised if your company gets hacked.

"People don’t want to talk about it. You know after they’ve been hacked. Even large companies. You know some of them are by requirement are supposed to tell their customers that their data has been compromised. You see more and more of that, so reality is it’s a very, very serious threat that’s only escalated over the last few years."  

Hackers try to access systems through company emails and software breeches, but much of the data being shared now comes from smartphones.

"We didn’t worry about cybersecurity you know 20 years ago. We didn’t even have our smartphones."

Now that smartphones are just about everywhere, a cyberattack is a much bigger threat, so what is the best way to stay ahead of the technology curve?

"You really have to be on the cutting edge of techniques, strategies, and approaches in order to stay ahead of the cybersecurity threats."

The latest in systems software is a good way of avoiding a breech, but even the most secure technologies have an outside weakness.

"It’s the human element that makes us most at risk."

That’s why Wolken advises good communication through conferences and conversations. So how will you know when your systems aren’t up to par?

"Well you’ll know when you’ve been hacked, and that’s the challenge. Unfortunately often times when there’s a breech in security it’s because someone wasn’t doing something in a proper way."

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