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New York State Trappers and Sportsman Show kicks off in Herkimer County

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The New York State Trappers and Sportsman Show is going on at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds.

A shooting gallery is just one of the activities you can do at the New York State Trappers and Sportsman Show. The show has plenty of fur, lures for baiting animals, and of course traps, but they also have live demonstrations to establish best practices. Charles Pitcher is a young Trapper from Westford, New York.

"They have a big setup and they have like ok here’s going to be a fox demo, or they have coyote demos and they show you how to like plant the trap and how to cover it up."

David Leibig, the Executive Director of the New York State Trappers Association says the demonstrations give novice and professional trappers a chance to perfect their skills.

"There’s somebody that has a specialty, and they share their secrets to make you a better trapper."

There’s everything from crafts to serious trapping items, and it’s not just the older crowd that’s getting 'caught up' in the activity.  

"Trapping is the only one the median age is lowering. Hunters are getting older and older, and trappers get lower, and I put that towards our youth trapper’s camp."

This show helps educate the public about what trapping is all about, and why it’s important, and that message is getting through to young trappers like Charles Pitcher.

"Trapping is just trying to downsize the population so other animals can live better."

 Don Hillman is the Region 6 Director of the New York State Trappers Association. He explains how wild animals will live better if they’re properly maintained.

"By controlling the animal populations we can reduce the amount of disease in the animals."

There is a misconception that trapping is cruel, but the traps are simply meant to hold the animal in place without hurting it, and many trappers like David Leibigare are selective about the animals they do catch.

"If I find a young female Bobcat I’ll let it go because that’s seed to produce more animals. It makes a healthy population."

Admission to the Trappers Convention & Sportsman Show is $10 per person. Service members and those 16 under get in for free. The event is Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

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